Farm from the North
From: I-5 Exit 244 To: 6087 Stayton Rd SE, Turner, OR 97392   Phone:  (503) 769-7920
Driving Distance: 7.3 miles Time: 23 minutes

Directions from I-5 Exit #244 when coming from the north:

Details of the Town of Marion:

Time Distance Instruction
9:00 AM0.0 1   Depart I-5 Exit 244 on Jefferson Hwy 99E SE (East) for 1.9 mi
9:04 AM1.9Turn LEFT (East) onto Wintercreek Rd SE for 2.9 mi
9:13 AM4.8Continue (East) on Parrish Gap Rd SE for 0.2 mi
9:14 AM5.0Bear RIGHT (East) onto Vl View Rd SE [Valley View Rd SE] for 1.1 mi
9:18 AM6.1Turn RIGHT (South) onto Duckflat Rd SE for 1.0 mi
9:21 AM7.1Turn LEFT (East) onto Marion Hill Road for 98 yds
9:22 AM7.1Bear LEFT (North) onto Marion Rd SE for 109 yds
9:23 AM7.2Bear RIGHT (East) at the Marion Store onto Stayton Rd SE for 0.2 mi
9:23 AM7.3 2   Arrive 6087 Stayton Rd SE, Turner, OR 97392 (Blue house with jungle in front yard and reflectors at driveway)