Missdee's French Alpine Dairy Goats


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Missdee's Gladys

Reg#: A001177468
Breed: Alpine
Sex: Doe
DOB: 04/05/1999
Color: Dark Brown; Chamoisee;BLK Trim
LE: M9
InHerd: No
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Missdee's Gladys

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Gladys was not the prettiest kid, nothing terribly wrong, just very large and not as athletic as the other kids. Well, she can still be called rangey, might even become the largest doe in the herd. but this last year has seen a great change in her.She's smoothed out considerably and at times even appears quite stylish. Follow the pedigree back on the bottom to the old Alderwood doe, same type. Her udder, fortunately, is very similar to her dam's and she's proven to be a very consistent milker. Now I wish I had shown her this last year. Next year.
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